USAFA Class of 1994

         Welcome to the main page of the USAFA Class of 1994 Home Page.  This site was designed to make it easier for you to keep up with your classmates.  I started it in August 1996.

16 Apr 05

           Nine years online.  Cake  We have 489 classmates and 133,565 visits.

14 Sep 03

           Seven years online.  Cake  We have 403 classmates and 110,000 visits.

17 Aug 02
           We're six years online. Cake  Hurrah for us!  369 Classmates listed with 95,000 visits.

01 Nov 01
     This page is now 5 Years Old. Cake    We have 342 classmates listed and have had 80,000 visits.  Thanks for all the input!

25 Aug 99
    This marks the third year for this page.  There are currently 228 classmates that have signed in.

09 Aug 98
    WWW.USAFA.NET/1994 has grown to include messages and e-mails from 134 classmates.  Now online two years!

07 Mar 98
Go To The USAFA.NET Main Pagewas launched to help people find their class page.  Now you can just type in USAFA.NET/1994 and you'll go straight to our page.  This works for all other existing pages as well.  It should be noted this effort is in no way officially connected with the Academy, AF or DOD.

27 Mar 97
    We earned a medal for being such great cadets!! Check out this Message.

Aug 96
    The Class Notes page is a list of classmates that are online or who have left a message. E-Mail addresses have been hyper linked when available. There are also listings of where people are working, who they married and even baby pictures! You can E-Mail me any photos you'd like to share.
    Be sure to sign in. I'll update the Class Notes with the information you put in the form. I'll forward the data to CC for the  next Checkpoints.

    This page is not officially associated with, nor endorsed by the United States Air Force Academy, the Air Force nor any related associations related to or associated with any related association..