Candidate Fitness Test Preparation Guidelines

Following this schedule will help you prepare for the Candidate Fitness Test (CFT). It is imperative that you perform to the best of your ability on each event. We will assume the overall score represents your best effort and ability. However, there is no guarantee it will enable you to satisfy USAFA physical fitness requirements.
                                Minimum         Maximum         Average
                Male Scores:       4               22             10
                Female Scores:     1               12             2
  1. May perform at your own speed.
  2. Grip--palms away from face.
  3. Start with a straight-arm hang.
  4. Pull your body upward to chin above-bar position.
  5. Let down to a fully extended postion.
  1. No resting allowed between pull-ups.
  2. Feet must not touch the floor.
  3. No swinging allowed.
  4. No kicking allowed.
  5. Stopping to gain a better grip is allowed.
  6. Stop upon reaching maximum.
Recommended Training Program:
    Warm-up Exercises--as a minimum.
  1. Jumping Jacks--fifteen.
  2. Swinging Arms--in a wide circular motion, thirty seconds in one direction and thirty seconds in the other direction.
  3. Running in Place--two minutes.
  4. Body Flexing Movements--fifteen. From a sitting position touch toes, keeping knees straight.
Lower-Bar Pull-up: The bar should be low enough that you can reach up and grasp it with your elbows slightly flexed. Pull yourself up the rest of the way. At first, you may need to keep your palms turned towards your body. Later, as you gain strength, you should turn the palms away from the body, as in the CFT.

See the Tips for Candidates page for another Pull-up improvement technique.

                To Prepare for the              To Prepare for the Average Score
                Minimum Score
                                                Males           Females
        Week    Lower-Bar Pull-ups              CFT Pull-ups    CFT Pull-ups
        1st     10/Day                          6/Day           1/Day
        2nd     20/Day                          7/Day           2/Day
        3rd     30/Day                          8/Day           2/Day
        4th     40/Day                          9/Day           3/Day
        5th     50/Day                          10/Day          3/Day
        6th     50/Day                          11/Day          4/Day

                                Minimum         Maximum         Average
                Male Scores:       49              99             69
                Female Scores:     46              94             68
  1. 2-minute period
  2. Starting position--lying flat on back, legs flexed, feet comfortably apart and held in place.
  3. Hands placed on back of head with fingers interlocked.
  4. Sit up to touch elbow to opposite knee.
  5. Return to starting position.
  1. Resting is allowed in the up position.
  2. Head must touch the mat before sitting up again.
  3. Fingers must remain in contact with the head throughout the sit-up.
  4. Arching the back is not allowed.
  5. Stop after reachng maximum if within two minutes.
Recommended Training Program:
Warm-up Exercises--Perform the exercises under Pull-ups Recommended Training Program.
                        To Prepare for
                        the Average Score
        Week            Sit-ups

        1st             60/Day/2 Minutes
        2nd             63/Day/2 Minutes
        3rd             66/Day/2 Minutes
        4th             68/Day/2 Minutes
        5th             70/Day/2 Minutes
        6th             **/Day/2 Minutes

        **--Do the number of sit-ups required for 
            the average score for your sex.

                                Minimum         Maximum         Average
                Male Scores:       24              85             41
                Female Scores:     9               50             24
  1. 2-minute period.
  2. Starting position
  3. Raise your body by straightening arms.
  4. Keep body straight from shoulders to heels.
  5. Weight of body must rest on hands and toes.
  6. Lower body until chest touches floor.
  1. No resting allowed.
  2. You may change the position of your hands.
  3. Stop after reaching maximum if within two minutes.
Recommended Training Program:
Warm-up Exercises--Perform the exercises under Pull-ups Recommended Training Program.

                To prepare for the Minimum Score         To Prepare for the Average Score

        Knee Floor  High Angle Stair  Low Angle Stair           Male            Female
Week    Push-ups    Push-ups          Push-ups          Week    CFT Push-ups    CFT Push-ups

1st     5/Day          X                X               1st     31/Day/2 Min.   16/Day/2 Min.
2nd     10/Day         X                X               2nd     34/Day/2 Min.   18/Day/2 Min.
3rd       X          5/Day              X               3rd     38/Day/2 Min.   20/Day/2 Min.
4th       X         10/Day              X               4th     41/Day/2 Min.   22/Day/2 Min.
5th       X            X              5/Day             5th     44/Day/2 Min.   24/Day/2 Min.
6th       X            X             10/Day             6th     47/Day/2 Min.   26/Day/2 Min.

Three Hundred Yard Shuttle Run
                                        Time Limit      Average Time
                Male Scores:            65 Seconds      60 Seconds
                Female Scores:          79 Seconds      69 Seconds
  1. You must run six round trips (12 complete laps) between two turning lines. You may use a sprint start with hands on, but not over, the tape designated as the starting and finishing line. The watch is started exactly on the word "go," and stopped exactly as you run past the finish line.
  2. You must touch the lines at each end before starting a new lap. If you do not, you will be called back to touch the line or you'll fail the event.
  1. Turns are made by pivoting on one foot at the turning lines.
  2. Hands may touch the floor on turns.
  3. You must stay within a 5-foot wide lane.
Recommended Training Program:
Warm-up Exercises--Perform the exercises under Pull-ups Recommended Training Program.

Deceleration turn--Ask your coach or physical education teacher to counsel you regarding this exercise.

In order to increase your efficiency in negotiating a turn in the shuttle run, practice decelerating in the shortest possible distance so as to turn sharply and begin reaccelerating.

Note: Remember in the shuttle run, you are required to turn eleven times. Pace and efficiency in turning as well as speed and endurance are important.

                                Number of               Number of
                                Deceleration            CFT Type
                Week            Turn Exercises          Shuttle Runs

                1st             5/Day                   2/Day
                2nd             5/Day                   2/Day
                3rd             10/Day                  3/Day
                4th             10/Day                  3/Day
                5th             10/Day                  4/Day
                6th             10/Day                  4/Day
Try for the best time and improve your coordination

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